April 19, 2008

*Ahem* I have a few things to say...

I figured that the Israe blog isn't really...explaining how I am doing right NOW. So anyway, here are some random phrases that are going down right now.

Live upside down, right side up, backwards, left, right, forwards, up and down. All at the same time. [if any of you caught any missed directions, let me know.]

I love Opera. I really do. But the way it affects everything else in my life is...crazy. I still have those hours of happiness, so I won't quit. I find it difficult to imagine my life without the Sarasota Opera House.

I'm sort of lonely, but that's old news. And yeah, I mean like boyfriend like but the worst is that my two bestest buddies let me for a damned journalism conference in Tampa. I had to go ONE AND A HALF WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT THEM! (wait. one and a half WHOLE days? That makes no sense...wahtever.)

I didn't do so great on that Midsummer Night's Dream test, did I...

DUDE! I have to take a shwoere so I van get foodz for lunch break today!

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