August 31, 2007


Does Magic exist? Not necessarily sparkly fire flying out of fingers magic, or wands and spells with latin roots. More like, inner strength and willpower. Or, an ability to read peoples' feelings, for example, if something is wrong with somebody you sense it (but hopefully have the tact to know whether or not to mention it..). Or it could be a sixth sense kind of situation, an ability to know that something is going to happen? Not being psychic...I cannot explain. Intuition, or instinct, but somehow more...I know not. Tell me, what say you, my dear friends?

I cam home today...

early from school because I felt sick. I hate tummy aches. They suck. So anyway, I have time to write because it is like 1:00 and all else I have to do is some homework and music practice. Now, the estion remains: What do I write about? This lack of subjects is very annoying. I mean, there is tons of stuff I could write about, but it is either too boring or too personal, or if I did disclose it on the internet, I would probably have people hunting me down at school to kill me.

Have you ever had just a random craving for some kind of food? OK, so recently, I have been completely obsessed with hummus. Like, I could just eat it with a spoon. Any kind, roasted red pepper, extra garlic, black olive, you name it! It's nice that it's hummus and not some other food that is terrible for you. Like cotton candy. Or chocolate chip cookies. Which reminds me, I am going over to Dan's house tomorrow and we are going to make chocolate chip cookies! Or, I am going to make the cookies in his kitchen while I try to explain my religion to him. But it's funny, I call it my religion, but it isnt really. Like, my religion is Judaism. My beliefs, on the other hand are kind of different. Of my own. Hey, I could write a blog about that!!!

August 26, 2007

Want some depressing literature?

Look no further than the wikipedia explanation of John Lennon's Death.

I was bored, OK?


Oh Man. So John Lennon is sort of my new obsession. Like, I absolutely adore him, he was so incredible, in many ways, in out-there ness and in Musicality. MUSICAL GENIUS. Really. Just listen to Across the Universe! I am a little bit obsessed now. Great, another one to add to the list. So basically, reading about John Lennon and his acts and can be a bit repulsive but only in the best sense of the term. Yeah, he did a lot of stuff that I consider stupid, but it was stuff that contributed to who he was and his whole image. He seems to be te best example of superstars and insanely famous people putting their fame to work for peace. You see a bit of that these days, with the environmentalists in Hollywood, but really...It is nothing compared to all that Lennon did to try to bring about peace in this world.

I also read a book documenting a conversation between him, Yoko, and Swami Bhaktivedanta. It was called the Search for Liberation. They basically talk about how to achieve levels of upper conciousness, or the quest for holiness, I suppose. It is quite fascinating. I am slowly lending it out to many of my friends who wish to read it.

Good Night to you all.

August 25, 2007


Dan chipped my tooth. Dan Chipped My Tooth.


I kid you not. He hit my toothe with a soda bottle (glass) and he Chipped. My. Tooth.


I used to have perfect teeth and Dan ruined them. Tonight was so much fun though. We were like insane. It was great. Woo.


Not that i have any.

BUT I have been absolutely terrible about keeping up my blog. I hope to make a weekly thing of it, if not more often. So. School has started, which is disgusting because it is so hot out these days. All my teachers are great and I have a feeling that this year is going to be really amazing. Like, incredible amazingness. So I feel really annoyed with myself because I have run out of topics to discuss. So any controversial topics I could discuss?

I could tell you about the hillarious day I had the other day. So at lunch, I went out to the fields and went and lay down in a safe spot all on my own and I turned on my music and sat in the sprinkle of rain. It was very nice until I heard voices come closer and closer. I open my eyes, sit up, and suddenly, Sam, Trent, Devon, and some other people were playing soccer around me. So much for a safe spot. So then they start kicking it around, and I am like, dammit, I am gonna get a concusion from somebody hitting my head with a soccer ball (which is kind of funny because the day I met Trent, he hit me in the stomach with a soccer ball. What a nice connection...). I decided not to move. If I got a concussion, it would mean I might sleep, which I haven't been able to do lately. So eventually, the game moved away from me, and I was left to my peaceful meditations. Or not. A few minutes later, I hear voices come towards me again. Again, I am like, dammit, what now? So I open my eyes, sit up and see Sean and Dan doing a weird run-drop-roll thing. I was horribly confused. They were laughing so hard. The way you laugh when you just absolutely cannot contain yourself but you are doing something reuiring breath, so it comes out like this weird choked up gargle-laugh thing. So maybe you cant see this image, but just try. Running towards me, randomly dropping to the ground, rolling over, getting back up and running again, all the while gargle-laugh-ing. I laughed. i couldn't help it. It was jus tso weird. So then Sean sends some weird glare at me and does a roll right in front of me and then gets up and runs in the ther direction. Obviously, I was all, WTF? So I ask Dan what they were doing-or at least what were they attempting to do. Ninja Rolls. NINJA ROLLS.


So I'm again like wtf and then Dan leaves so I just chalk it up to adolescent insanity, with which I have plenty of experience.

So yeah, I think the year is going pretty well so far for everybody. Even the people in the deepest dulldrums seem happy. No names. God willing, all will go well, and our lives will proceed as usual.

August 08, 2007

On Cemetaries and Coyote Cubs and Mediterranean-style Pizza...

This morning I just had to ge out of the house. I am going a tad bit stir crazy...for example, last night I begged my dad to take me to the grocery store so that I could throw together a pizza...I had no recipe...turned out pretty good in the end...

So anyway, I had to get out of the house so I went for a walk in the cemetary near where I live. As I walked along, I saw what looked like a dead dog lying in the shade on the sidewalk. I didnt do anything. I said "hey" and it sat up and walked away. It was kind of creepy but really awesome too. So I kept walking and when I got to the other side of the cemetary I saw another cub (it was different, this one looked skinier and had mange. I followed it back to where I saw the other one. It ran back into the forest and then I saw a woman get out of her car and follow it into the woods with a camera.. She said that she had seen them before and had called a woman in New York who ran a wildlife rehabilitation program, or something. The woman had asked for pictures just to confirm that they were coyote cubs. Apparently there had been two litters. One of the mothers of one of the litters had been shot. I have no idea what will happen to them. The poor things...

So yeah, I was walking in a cemetary. I love to do it. Especially when it is cold and gray and windy outside. Drama drama drama. Try it some time.

August 07, 2007

On the next school year:

I can be such a lazy ass. Lately all I have been doing is sitting around watching Grey's Anatomy (surprise surprise) and listening to depressing music. Life is back to normal..I can't wait for school to start. I have so many resolutions. I will drink more tea, I will carry less books, stay more organized, keep my room cleaner, hold a happy relationship for more than 2 months long distance. Ok, and for a moment of selfishness (yeah, I get selfish when I am depressed), if I were a guy, I would be over the moon to go out with myself. I mean seriously. I am funny, smart, great personality, and beautiful. So maybe I am the queen of bitch slaps and uncannily similar to Addison, the queen of a "land called passive agressiva" and nicknamed Satan. Done, sorry. Had to get that out. Anyway,hopefully next year will be loads better than this year. We will see about the new math teacher, hopefully she will be good. And don't worry my loyal readers (the number of whom I fear is diminishing), the posts will be up and rampant as the school year starts.

Good night, and good luck.

August 05, 2007


Oh Man. So I remember when I first heard about this "nerd camp" I was going to go to. I was so worried about it being stupid and not being friends with anybody...but I just came back and oh my God. I have never been somewhere so amazing. It is not explainable how incredibly fun it is...everybody accepts you. Everybody is a nerd...It is completely amazing. Completely. My teacher was one of the best teachers I have ever had...I thought that this blog would be longer but there really is absolutely no way to describe how great it was. I took Logic which was fun. There was...oh my God. I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT, DAMMIT!

That is all...I will add as I think of more...