June 22, 2008

Blood and Rain

Today it rained.  My sister and I basically spent the morning on our respective computers.  Then she had some work to do so she went and I went downtown where it started to pour.  I jumped around from store to store, bought Ocean's 11, had too many yoghurt covered pretzels from the health food store, and got lost in the back streets.  But really, what better way to learn a town than to get lost, right?  I was going to stop at haymarket, but since it was so horribly crowded because of the rain, I went to starbucks instead and got some orange tea which burned my tongue to a crisp, unfortunately.  I went to look at jewelry at the big jewelers in town...there were some really pretty diamond rings...

So then I went to find my sister at work.  She works on the college in town.  I don't know the campus very well and I ended up getting lost.  Hopelessly lost.  I wandered about back and forth for about 30 minutes, laughing the entire time.  I actually made my way all the way to the other side of campus...on the way, I slipped on some wet stairs and smashed my big toe.  It started to bleed a little, but quickly went numb in the cold rain and from pain (it wasn't bad, but i was limping for a while).  Finally, I retraced my steps and started over, taking some different turns, and there it was,her big purple minivan parked outside the building she had pointed out earlier!  Score!

We came home, and on further examination of my toe, a ***GROSSNESS WARNING***

Chunk of nail had come off.  There were other chunks that could have come off had I pulled, which I didn't.  I have about three bandaids on there now, all placed so that when I take them off, I won't be left with a nail-less big toe.  This is very sad for me because I was just about to repaint my nails...maybe I'll just do the other 9...I can't begin to imagine how horrid the nailpolish remover would feel on that toe...I just got a chill down my spine thinking about it.

So yeah, it hurts to wiggle it around, but it's pretty much just a dull ache by this point.  I think we are going out to "French cuisine with New England ingredients" later tonight...

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