May 15, 2008

21 Days Left in Florida

Post-Hobbit Depression is raging. It's sick. I miss my five-hour-without-a-lunch-break rehearsals.

With my free time, I have been designing my new room, studying for exams, packing, among other things. It's Sad. Like I said, we leave in 21 days.

A funny thing about me is that sometimes I will have many different things going on in my mind, and one will be important and the others not so much, but I will focus on the unimportant ones. This leaves my parents worrying and fretting over where my priorities are, and leaves me explaining to them how I function (a task which generally leads me to discover something about myself as well). Lately, I have been very talkative about my new room. Here is the plan (out of four that I designed) that I have decided on (see left). The room at the top (without a door) is my bathroom, and the other one is my closet/dressing room. Above the desk on the left side there is a window. The roof (coming in from the top and the bottom) is slanted, and the knee walls (vertical space left over) is a little more than 4 feet. I am really excited about the space. It's proving somewhat difficult to find furniture to go with my somewhat classic look. Turns out the paint color I wanted was custom made. They can't make a sample, so basically we would have had to commit to the entire batch which would have ended up being pretty much a $400 test run. Not so great.

There is a huge load of new movies coming out that I want to see: Mister Foe, Brideshead Revisited, Made of Honor (I don't care if it sucks, I could look at Patrick Dempsey forever), Smart People, Narnia: Prince Caspian, and maybe maybe The Tracey Fragments. It looks like it could suck, but I do love Ellen Page, so.

I just got 4 new books: Northanger Abbey-Jane Austen, Cat's Cradle-Kurt Vonegut, On the Road-Jack Kerouac, and Johnny Got His Gun-Dalton Trumbo. Nobody has ever heard of the last one, but it is for school, and is apparently one of the best anti-war novels ever written, so it was appealing. I recently did my entire myspace page and described myself as "hippie--well more of a beatnik--lets forget the titles and call me earthy." Then I read up (on wiki) about the "Beat" generation, and it seems pretty intense, and what better book to read to learn about it than On the Road (which apparently "defined Beat")? I figure my Dad is a beatnik (hehe) so it's not like I'm stealing some thing I never knew about...

My summer of cleansing, self discovery, reading, tummy eradication, and old movies is about to begin.

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The Unix Geek said...

just about double the time for me - but no internet for me for 2 weeks.... almost impossible for a geek like me ;)