May 03, 2008

I don't want to live under their roof anymore.

I want my own responsiblities. I want to cut loose. I want to live off of my own efforts. I want to pay my own bills. I want to make my own money with my mind, with my effort. I don't want to owe anybody anything for providing food for me or giving me a roof to sleep under.

When I get there, I might hate it, but right now, I want anything that goes along with freedom and responsibility to myself only.

I want to fast forward to like, 18 or 20 or something. It's not just for the partying, or the staying up late, or the crashing a friend's house for the night just because I feel like it. It's for being my own boss, and not having to stake my freedom on whether or not I make a call every hour. I want to be able to (hypothetically) make the decision for myself about whether or not I cross the street to Starbucks, without getting in trouble for not notifying somebody. And I understand it to a point, and I know it's technically for my own good, but can I not make decisions like that for myself? Am I that incompetent? And aren't I too selfish (for better or for worse) to let anything bad happen to me?

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The Unix Geek said...

Seems we're all beginning to feel like that... :P