May 10, 2008

My Life: an Update.

I have gotten home at about quarter after nine all week leading up to a show. So tonight was opening night, yesterday we had a day time practice show for students so i skipped school. Today, back at school, I couldn't remember what we had done on Wednesday. I was so lost. And lucky me I get my period this morning, too. So classes suck, and lunch comes along. My two best friends are almost ignoring me. One of them is seeming too high and mighty, and the other doesn't sit at my table anymore. I am trying to figure out whether or not I am justified in being angry that they are not dying to spend time with me when I am moving in 4 weeks. Moving along, we get to English class. For some reason, there was an ice cream truck at school today, so during English, my friend says to my English teacher, "Sarah's majorly hormonal, will you go let her buy some ice cream?" He says yes, so I go buy a pint of Cherry Garcia. I finish about 2/3 of it and the rest is eaten by my friends.

That night, Opera: Everything goes well. Im actually happy, but for the cramps...afterwards, I rush to get out so I can try to catch the last 5 minutes of my school dance. I forget to check for flowers on my way out. My mom reminds me after I am far away from the Opera house, and I start crying because of just EVERYTHING. I get to the dance 3 minutes late. I didn't win best dressed, the girl who wears boring clothes does. That's all.

About the award: it's not that it even matters, but I sort of hoped that maybe by getting my name called in the middle of a dance for notables, i would be remembered more. Im really scared of being forgotten.

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The Unix Geek said...

Don't be scared of being forgotten - first off, this website will be up for quite a long while so the Internet can know you (contact me if you want advertising help that I know works). Next, you're a great singer/actress that it's obvious you're going to get recognition and one day have your own Wikipedia and IMDb pages!

And the yearbooks - whenever somebody flips through it, they'll see your pictures and remember the fun times.