May 31, 2008

mary and musicals

So first, Mary, Amanda, and I were going to get together and watch Lord of the Rings movies like we did with the Jane Austen movies.

But then Amanda couldnt make it.

So then Mary came over.

And we ate pizza and I clipped magazines.

But then we got bored of the movies we had seen a million times (well, I had, but ironically, she was the one getting bored) so we stopped.

And we sang and recorded ourselves singing along to musicals.

And now I have somebody from the UK analyzing my lingo. Sweet, eh? Yes, you.

That gets me onto the track that I really want to go back to England. I mean, not like I was there for more than four days in London, but now I'm obsessed with all things England. Weird, hm?



Day 1 of being a High Schooler.

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