May 19, 2008


It began Friday night, as every weekend does. Amanda and Mary (both good friends from opera) came over to watch Jane Austen movies and sleep over. They had some trouble finding the movies I didn't have and getting the ice cream. My mom got ice cream, too, so we ended up with four pints of Ben & Jerry's (Imagine Whirled Peace, Peanut Butter Cup, Cake Batter, and Lowfat Half Baked, if you care). That night we watched Pride and Prejudice (the long version with Colin Firth), ate pizza and ice cream. We watched part of Emma, but not much of it because Amanda fell asleep and Mary and I kept dozing off. Which is strange because once we were all ready for bed and our bed (well, a pile of blankets and pillows, really) was made, we were all awake again. So we watched some Lisa Nova videos on Youtube (the Keira Knightley impersonations..."I'm a lemur, I'm a lemur!" "D'you want to play a game, Johnny? Do you want to play Who's Prettier? I'll start. *pause* I'm Prettier!!!") and then went around and told our life stories. Then we slept. The next morning, we woke, had toast and honey and tea for breakfast and watched Sense and Sensibiity while finishing the ice cream. When S and S was over, we painted our nails. Amanda and I shaved our legs. Amanda had a thing to go to, so she got ready. Now let me say about the ice cream--all of it was gone by the end. My parents had about 2/3 of the half baked...the rest we finished around the three of us. That's abit over a pint each if we all had the same amount. Plus pizza.

After they had both left, I packed. How exciting. At 6:30 I met Dani downtown for dinner and a movie. We ate at that little Italian place next to the movie theatre. I had pizza, but it had no cheese, it was just dough covered with tomatoes. I had no idea, it was so strange. I had a sprite with it. Then we went to the movie, which was What Happens in Vegas. It was...sort of--no, really stupid. But cute. It had some very funny bits, and Ashton Kutcher is pretty gorgoeus. And for that sort of genre, he's not a bad actor. I don't know about anthing else, like dramas, but romantic comedy...yeah. After the movie I had lemon gelato with Dani and her mom, and then I went home and packed some more.

The next morning, I woke up a half hour before going out, which I hate doing, and went to communiteen. They had donuts (mini), so I had a bagel with cream cheese and two mini donuts. Same old same old, except that I probably won't be able to go to the last one, so I said good bye to everybody (everybody being Mrs. Weinberger and Mrs. Singer). Then we went to Target where I started crying. I was pretty much miserable for the rest of the day. Mama calls in episodic depression...I lazed around studying, glumly wanting food, but not having any. Except for an alternative bagel (like, the same nutrition ingredients as one of my mom's crazy fiber bread) and an apple. I did more homework. Dinner was two strips of bacon and a spinach pocket.

So yeah, my life is kind of weird right now. I'm in this transition mode which majorly sucks. I currently have a huge pimple on my cheek, some of my best friends are sort of abandoning me (according to my mom so that they dont get hurt when I leave), I am way stressed, and I am eating too much crap and not enough healthy food. I have been getting headaches all week, and have an occasional dizzy spell. THIS ALL SUCKS. The good part of my life is that I am moving to Massachusetts, finally. What's REALLY ironic is that all of the bad is actually being caused by the good. Moving is stressful. My friends want a clean break. It's..bad. But it will be over soon. I can't wait to get up North again...

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patrick said...

romantic comedies starring Ashton Kutcher tend to be good, he seems to have a knack for them... A Lot Like Love is another example