March 10, 2008


I got the acceptance letter today! It was...reassuring. I really did expect it, but still, to have it on paper and all is nice. It was annoying that it totally overshadowed my acting performance monologue thing tonight..Dan rode the bus with me and then watched and then we had dinner afterwards. At the tapas place. It was fun.

I feel sort of guilty for not being totally ecstatic.


Kimberly Begin said...

you and dan. something has to happen before you leave. you two are meant for each other.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! yeah, so i like never read your blog (sorry) but i just read back to like dec. 8th (no joke) and i relized your really good at putting your feelings down into words. I always want to but i seen to never beable to.

love morgan

The Unix Geek said...

Congratulations! By the photo, it must be a beautiful place. Then again, Massachusetts IS a beautiful place.


Melody said...

dnt feel guilty u totally deserve it. it looks gorgeous. everyone knew ud get in. u better have gottne in. if u didnt no one should.