March 17, 2008

FCAT, Sunny wind, and Iced Tea (plus the lovely addition of green tights)

The title is pretty self explanatory. FCAT was today, will be tomorrow, and was Tuesday and Wednesday last week. They really drag it out which is INSANE. I have resorted to counting things in the Gym. Bleacher rows, ventilation slits, litlle bumps on the air conditioning piping, stuff like that.. The weather today walking from FCAT to math class was gorgeous though. Sunny, but not too sunny, and windy. A bit too cold in the shade, a bit too warm in the sun. Perfect. At lunch, however, it got a little bit too hot. Maybe that was because my friends and I were running around pretnding we were making a silent movie...I made a batch of peach iced tea because it felt proper. It's cooling right now as I type. It was St. Patty's Day today. Hence the green text. Here's my's the green tights part, obviously..

Cute yah? I also wore green eyeshadow...from the quad i will tell you about...

Let's see, where were we...I guess that's it. OH WAIT I have a shopping victory to report:

The other day, during the open house, mom and I went to TJ Maxx. There they had a set of Clinique Happy To Be Perfume (a full bottle, and a travel size spray) and an eyeshadow quad, all packaged for $22. It's great because they are all very light spring/summer scents, and the e/s colors are perfect to move me into spring and out of my charcoals and bronzes of winter lol...

so that's that. and mom bought us a Madeleine Peyroux CD. She's fabulous, go listen to her myspace page.

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