March 09, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

Saw it this afternoon with Melody and Mama. Very pretty. Loved the costumes..
It must be hard to understand if you either haven't read the book or if you don't know the history. It was pretty though..I think Scarlett Johansson was better for that type of part than Natalie but I LOVED watching her "ensnare" Henry. That whole...thing. "Let them think they are in control."

Overall, an average movie. Did make me cry, but that doesn't mean much. I cry at most movies these days..

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Melody said...

omg I was there. i really agree with u about the movie. i love watching the manipulationa nd control that a woman has because i honestly feel like i have that. that sounds bad but watever. i think almost every woman can have that.