March 25, 2008


Yeah. I'm packing for Israel (or should be...) I'm really excited, but not about the 14 hour flight there...

I found out recently that I will have to miss my 8th Grade graduation's you know like the equivalent of prom for us, but guess what? I have an OPERA to be in. I absolutely do not want to quit opera, but it still sucks. I might be able to be back at school for the last hour at best. And then the next day when I usually have friends to the matinee performance and then back to my place for a's the same day as the class trip, so I will have to ask people to choose between me and Busch Gardens. (although from what I hear, most will go with me, yay. Also, because I am leaving a day too early, I won't be able to dissect an eyeball OR a brain in Bio. That would've made my YEAR. I was so looking forward to it.

And to top it all off, I have a rug burn.

But Israel..hopefully will help me forget about all of this. It's such a conflicting set of emotions...excitement, fear, annoyance, sadness...

I'll be glad to get away. And to somewhere awesome.

To any of you reading this that believe in God, say a prayer for me. Not that I'm all dim and depressed about this, but is a...sorta you know..dangerous place to be, in some areas, and at some times...I really doubt anything will happen, know, just as a backup net. Thanks.

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The Unix Geek said...

gotta post pictures and stories of the trip! :)

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